Thursday, June 03, 2010

A friend of mine is getting married in October, and in true narcissistic fashion, I would like to take full credit for it. My fiancee and I are spreading our love over other couples like glitter in a Jacksons video. Anyway, my friend wants to start a blog about the countdown from the engagement to the wedding, and she asked me to think of a name for her. I assume she asked me because I write, I have a blog and I appear to be creative. Allow me to debunk some of that.

I do write, and I do have a blog, but I have little to no creative bones in my body. I take experiences that happen to me, I process them in this convoluted brain of mine, I write them down in my own unique fashion, and after 15-20 minutes, BOOM, an entry is born. I called my blog Synchronicity, after listening to the Police song for the millionth time, and deciding to look up what it meant. When I saw the definition, I was like hey, that applies to me.

I say all this to say that I have no idea what to title a blog for a woman about to get married, so I figured I'd do the next best thing and ask the 4 people who read this blog. My friend wants the title to center around the fact that she's going to be an older bride (she's 35). So if any of you creative people have ideas, please have at it, and post them up in the comments section. I will be sure to steal your ideas and take all the credit.


Truth About It said...

"Never Too Late"

Anonymous said...

At Last: Musings of an Older Bride
At Last: Musings of a Mature Bride
The Mature Fiancee
Love at Last

rashad said...

Thanks to you both, I shall pass them along