Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I know I have written about this before, but I think the situation is dire enough for me to write about it yet again. My barber, a straight, 50 year old with locs, who loves the music of Bob Marley and Rare Essence, has a Sex and the City ringtone. It is baffling to me still, and I've known about this for two months. He was edging up my goatee, and talking about his cousin who was drafted by the Wizards, when his phone rang.

Now I know the Sex and the City theme because of fiancee and other women who attempted unsuccessfully to make me fans, so let me just get that out of the way now. So when his phone rang, I instantly looked at the phone, then I looked back at him, then the phone again, and I just shook my head. When a barber has given you 2+ year of great service the way mine has, you don't bite the hand that cuts you by clowning his ringtone. But something ain't right. If he just likes the music, I can think of at LEAST, five shows that have better theme songs

1) Taxi (which happens to be my current ringtone)

2) Barney Miller

3) Frasier

4)Season 4 of the Cosby Show


I'm sure there are more, but that's a start. Perhaps I'll make him a mixtape of TV theme songs or something.

I would also like to shoutout Tiffany, who works for the church where my lady and I are getting married in December. I know I've heard horror stories about how slow church folks are, but I chose not to believe it, because you come highly recommended by my mother. But I am revoking the benefit of the doubt I foolishly and prematurely gave you. You told my fiancee and I that all emails and queries would be answered within 24-48 hours. I thought that was a little pompous, but I don't know your schedule better than you do, so I stayed quiet.

But guess what Tiffany? We are working on 96 hours now, and we haven't heard a peep out of you. And you're lucky my lady has banned me from picking up the phone and peppering your ear with antagonizing banter, because I'd let you have it. This is not professional, and if it wasn't such a pain in the ass to start over and find a new spot, I would bail. Step your game up and act like the professional you pretend to be. I almost hope you google me and stumble on this blog.


sixfive said...

I'm pretty sure you could throw a "sex and the city, huh.." out there next time it rings. Or have you already done that?

rashad said...

I did something like that before, and he said that the song cranks...I vehemently disagree.

Notorious Kim said...

maybe your barber's lady loves the song and set it as her special ringtone on his phone? yes? no? lmao!!

rashad said...

I'd buy that excuse if his woman was on the other end of that ringtone, but it was some dude trying to come and get his this means that is his general ringtone. unacceptable.

Redbonegirl97 said...

Hey dude is into it. It's like the guys that went to see Twilight last night. We call them metros.

Peace, Love and Chocolate

rashad said...

But Twilight's only downfall is that it seems to be for teens..or maybe i'm wrong. i think i should let this go now...ha!

Anonymous said...

Im with you.....unacceptable. and Im severly comfortable with me. I had powerpuff girl floor mats in my truck. C'mon SON

Anonymous said...

wait did I really type that?