Friday, June 04, 2010

Please click here to listen to me and my main man Ryan talk about Game 1 of last night's NBA Finals. I ask you to listen not just because its me talking, and I've been asking you to support all things Hoops Addict-related for two years. I ask you to listen to this, because Ryan and I recorded this right after last night's game which ended around midnight. That type of dedication has to be slightly rewarded.

Also, I finally finished all five seasons of The Wire last week and it was fantastic. I laughed, I cried (just once), I was angry, I was aroused (the Season 1 girl-on-girl scenes were epic), and most importantly, I was forced to critically think. There were countless times when my lady and I had extended discussions immediately after an episode. Not every show can consistently provoke that type of thought, and The Wire did that and then some. The show also amazingly knew when enough was enough, and they stopped after five seasons. One of my other favorite shows, "The Office" has failed to grasp that concept, and they've gone on WAY too long. But I digress..

The WORST part about finishing The Wire, is finding another show that gives me the same kind of high. I like Mad Men and Curb Your Enthusiasm, but they are currently on hiatus. I keep hearing that I need to watch Breaking Bad, Justified and True Blood, but it takes me awhile to warm up to new shows (which is why I started The Wire, 8 years after it came out). I also keep hearing I need to watch Lost and 24, but I tried those shows and they sucked. So I have settled on a three show rotation to fill my Wire void:

1 -NewsRadio: a great show from 15 years ago, that I never get sick of watching

2 - Treme: I haven't started this yet, but I keep hearing it is good, and it has some Wire cast members, so I can't go wrong there right?

3 - The Tudors:: A friend of mine recommended this a couple of years ago, and I just forgot about it after I got rid of Showtime. Then once I got Showtime back, I was knee deep in Californication, so I didn't care about any other show on the network. But now I shall revisit it, plus I hear it has lots of sex, which is right up my alley.

I'm up for suggestions if anyone has any other shows.

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£ said...

fam, newsradio is the sure shot. that show is hilarious. from "the real deal with bill mcneil" or the episode when andy dick(cant remember his character's name) keeps getting the shaft. i stay rolling.

but i heard treme was the bomb, im about to catch up on that. I love the Tudors though. Dope historical drama.

Anonymous said...

For a show with intensity like The Wire, I love The Shield, Rescue Me and Dexter. All three start a little slow, but The Shield picks up faster than the other two. All three have a complicated lead who is treacherous, yet lovable and endearing. All three are shows that make you want the "bad guy" to win/escape/not get caught, etc.

sixfive said...

Lost, 24, and True Blood (for the most part) suck. Breaking Bad is great, but I always seem to forget it's on.
The Shield, Rescue Me, Tudors are solid. So is Treme.. Dexter is entertaining but not nearly as strong a show as The Wire.