Tuesday, June 15, 2010

So this morning I am walking to work, and I am forced to stop at 15th and Massachusetts NW. That is a moderately busy intersection, that features a few hotels, a one way street, people walking to work, joggers, bikers, etc. I enjoy this particular part of my walk, because its quiet and serene, which is in stark contrast to the loud commotion I hear once I hit 14th St (I know this is DC inside baseball, but bear with me).

So while I'm waiting for the "walk" sign to allow me to cross the street, I hear a car playing this Mobb Deep song at incredibly loud levels. I looked over to my left, and I noticed a Black Chevy Suburban with all the windows down and the sunroof wide open. The guy in the car knew all the words, and was yelling them out of the window almost as loudly as the blaring music. At one point he looked over at me and yelled out of the window, "What you know about Mobb Deep son?", and I just pointed at my headphones, shook my head, and mouthed, "I can't hear you." Then the light turned green, the walk sign came on, he drove away and I crossed the street en route to work.

Now, I will admit, if I was about 10 years younger, I would have been mouthing the lyrics to that Mobb Deep song right along with this gentleman. In fact, I might have even run up to the car, and given him some convoluted man dap to let him know how much I approved of his musical selection. I am even willing to admit that if it was 11am when this encounter occurred, I'd have at least given him a nod of approval. But it was 7:30 in the damn morning. 7:30!!! Who wants to hear all that garbage en route to work, especially in a relatively quiet neighborhood. And if you need to motivate yourself that much to get amped for work, why not just roll the windows up and go crazy, instead of subjecting me and everyone else to all that cursing, all that bass, etc...

I felt like a cranky 50 year old man after that encounter, and I spent the rest of my walk to work muttering to myself that these kids have no respect at all. Then it occurred to me that the song that guy was playing came out in 1994, so there was a good chance this guy was close to my age, and not a kid at all, which made it worse. What's my point here? I don't really know. I just think as we (we meaning me) get older, we become more sensitive to disrespectful actions..even if its something as simple loud music at 7am. Or maybe its just me

I'd like to send a shoutout to Paul Pierce of the Boston Celtics for his usage of the phrase "comfortability spots" in the clip below. I know "comfortability" is technically a word, but I still find it funny.


Jazzbrew said...

You know it's a sign that you're officially old when you complain about someone's loud music. I do it every morning driving to work so at least I'm in good company.

Redbonegirl97 said...

I say the same thing everyday. There is a time and place for everything. I don't mind turning up my music in my house and getting buckwild to some music from 90's. But to watch some of these idiots drive down the street with the bass cranked up, I wish they would grow up. Some guy was driving down my street yesterday with his door open and music blasting. I just looked at my kids and said, "now that's an idiot".

Peace, Love and Chocolate