Monday, June 14, 2010

So yesterday morning around 10am or so, I made my way to the barbershop with two items on my agenda. The first, and most obvious agenda item, was for me to get a haircut before the weekend crowd arrived. But the second reason I went at that particular time, was so I could watch some of the Ghana/Serbia World Cup match that was on television. Four of the six barbers in my shop are from Ghana, and I knew they would be pumped up, so I decided to thrust myself into that atmosphere, and of course it was worth it. I only watched the first half in the shop, but they were hanging on every shot, miss, and near-goal like their lives depended on it.

So as I got ready to head out of the shop, I noticed one of the barbers (not from Ghana) had a picture in the lower left hand corner of his mirror. His station is right by the door, so I usually don't look too carefully at it, but on this day I just happened to glance over and see it. It was a picture of the masterful boxer from the Philippines, Manny Pacquiao. But it wasn't a picture of him fighting in the ring, and it wasn't a picture of him fully clothed, but it was a picture of him at the weigh-in before the fight.

Now if you know anything about boxing and weigh-ins, you know that they are typically done the day before the fight. When the fighters weigh in, they strip down to their drawers, boxers briefs, or their tighty-whiteys, so that they can get the most accurate weight assessment possible. I don't really watch these things for that very reason, but some people do, because a fight or some type of drama can break out. It's not my cup of tea, but I get the appeal.

But for an (allegedly) straight man to have a nice sized picture of another grown ass man in boxer briefs a at a barbershop workstation, is highly suspect..highly. Now I know I've been accused of being a homophobe by people who read this blog, but I'm not (insert the some of my best friends are gay line). I just know this man is married and I've seen him openly flirt with other women in the shop (that's not snitching is it?), so I just found it highly odd for him to have a picture of his favorite boxer with his franks and beans all on display. On the way out, I had this short convo with the gentleman

Me: You're a Manny Pacquiao fan huh?
Him: Oh yeah yeah yeah, that's my man right there, he's a beast
Me: Oh ok

I wonder what my lady would think of me if I had a picture like this hanging on my side of the bed in our bedroom...

If you didn't watch Game 5 of the NBA Finals last night, you missed a hell of a game. But if you'd like to me discuss it, go here and listen. I'd appreciate it.

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Redbonegirl97 said...

All I can say is that the Lakers got served---again. They were a hot mess. Part of me is happy they lost but the Celtics won and that isn't good either.

Peace, Love and Chocolate

£ said...

LOL just... LOL

Regarding the finals, im pulling for the celtics, though its less about me liking the team, and more about picking the lesser of two evils. My dislike of L.A. edges out my dislike of Boston.