Tuesday, June 01, 2010

There's that moment after Memorial Day weekend, when all the liquor has been imbibed, all the food has been eaten, and you've rested as much as humanly possible after doing all of those things. You wake up that Tuesday morning for work, you shower, you brush your teeth, you look at your face in the mirror and tell yourself how beautiful you are, and you may even flash a smile at your reflection and recite Stuart Smalley-isms. In fact you may actually be feeling so good, that you tell yourself that it is ok to step on the scale and see if those good vibes will somehow magically show up in the form of weight loss.

But it doesn't. Not even close.

So you step off the scale, and step back on it three or four times, because you're worried that maybe your electric scale has not properly warmed up, but each and every time it gives you that same, depressing, inflated number. So in disgust you push the scale out of your sight, and you mope around and slowly put on your clothes. You ignore the snugness of your pants and the belt holding them up, and in your mind you come up with magical workout schemes designed to have you losing 100lbs in 20 minutes, and you vow to stick to it...for a week. You're just so distraught at your weekend of improbable irresponsibility, that you start holding yourself to unrealistic expectations, and it can get unbelievably depressing.

But then you get to work and you hear your co-workers (some bigger than you, some smaller) talk about how they too ate and drank too much, and they too are on the 100lb/20 minute workout plan, and you don't feel so bad anymore. You realize that people all over this fine nation of ours have veered away from the healthy beaten path, and there's no shame in a little long weekend slippage. Then, you click on Rashad's blog, and you noticed that he has addressed this very issue, and everything is ok. You amend your 100lb/20 min plan and you vow to pursue a more manageable 40lbs of weight loss in 40 seconds and everything feels alright...for now.

When Will I Ever Learn (Part I) - Lewis Taylor


Nina said...

LMAO. soo true, soo true. thanks for that dear friend.

Redbonegirl97 said...

LOL, I feel that way every time I step on the scale. I even check to see if it is calibrated correctly.

Peace, Love and Chocolate

maxwellsmusze said...

i absolutely hate scales! THEY LIE!!!!