Monday, July 12, 2010

After over three years of dedicated service, countless interviews and just overall good times, I left Hoops Addict yesterday. Ryan (my editor) and I recorded this podcast and shortly thereafter I informed him of my decision to leave. I wasn't quite sure how he would take it or if he would be upset, but to his credit he was classy about it. He said he was disappointed about my decision, but he respected it, he appreciated my time with the site, and he left the door open for me to write in a guest capacity--at least I think he did, I could be wrong.

As I told Ryan, he first gave me the opportunity to write for his site back in 2007. I had just lost everything I owned in a devastating fire, and I thought that since my laptop was the only thing to survive I should start writing. Two weeks later, the first thing I wrote for Hoops Addict was picked up the USA Today. So that's something I will never forget. But its time to move onwards and upwards..

I will now be writing for a site run by my main man Kyle, called Truth About It. The site is part of ESPN's, True Hoop Network, which includes blog sites from every team in the NBA. Kyle's site focuses on the Wizards, and most of my articles from here on out will do the same with some exceptions of course. I've gotten to know Kyle a lot over the past year or so, I'm excited about working with him and John (who I met yesterday and also just joined the site). I've actually written for Truth About It before earlier this year, but you probably weren't paying attention..and shame on you for that.

Anyway, I thank Ryan, I thank Kyle, I thank God, I thank my fiancee for being patient with me as I talked about my agony over this decision every damn day, and most importantly, I thank you, the customer.

We Gone Ride - Najee featuring Eric Benet
Yes I spend lots of time slamming and disrespecting the whole genre of smooth jazz, but smooth jazz backed by a smooth vocalist is way more tolerable in my eyes.


Redbonegirl97 said...

Thanks for that now I can check out some Cavs bloggers.

Peace, Love and Chocolate

maxwellsmusze said...


Congrats on the new opportunity! It sounds exciting and I'm happy for you. You've done great work @ Hoops Addict.

Stay classy:)

Ryan said...

Rashad - It's been a blast working with you at Hoops Addict the past two seasons. I wish your stay had been longer but I know you'll do a stellar job next season on Truth About it.