Thursday, July 15, 2010

Back in December, when we were at the start of the most impressive snow extravaganza the DC area has seen in quite some time, there were jokes about how there would be lots of babies born this fall. Actually people say that each and every time it snows, but last winter lent some serious credence to that theory. And based on what I've seen the past few weeks, there were some people who were really blending with purpose (I think blending is a terrific synonym for sex. I thank Spike Lee for using it Mo' Better Blues).

Anyway, I counted 17 pregnant women on the way in to work this morning. Now I am willing to lower that number to 15, because two women just looked obese, and to look more carefully at their stomach to make that distinction between that and pregnancy might have gotten me slapped. But there was no doubt about the other 15. Some looked like they were just starting to show, others looked like they had been showing for a few weeks. I commend you all. Because of this situation a couple of years back pregnancy has been a sensitive issue for my lady and I, and that used to cause me (maybe her too) to hate on all things baby-related for quite some time. No more of that. And no we're not expecting for those people trying to read in between the lines.

On Saturday morning, after four wonderful weeks of staying with my mother while attending camp, my son will be leaving Cleveland, and coming back to DC to stay with me for a bit. Based on the constant phone calls I've been getting from my mother, she has had an absolute ball with my son, and I'm happy for her. When you have a child with a woman you were never married or in a real relationship with (don't judge me, I was 21), you don't get that connectivity with all the family members, like you do in a married or even a divorced situation. As a result, up to this point, my son did not really have a chance to spend extended time with my mother.

I say of this to say that when my mother watches my son slowly board his plane, she is going to cry and cry HARD. My mother gets emotional over fact my brother just told me that when they went to see Boyz N The Hood in the theater back in 1991, my mother screamed and cried when Ricky got shot, and that was just fiction. My mother also cries over the phone when she's explaining how powerful Sunday service was.. And if I cry whenever I drop my son off after a weekend, I know for sure that my mother will bawl and bawl on Saturday morning. So if you're in Cleveland Hopkins Airport at the time, and you see this woman crying, go give her a hug. Actually that would be creepy and she may cut you, so just text me, and I'll console her that way.


£ said...

You are not lying. Urrybody pregnant. Sheesh. I had to buy an ept just to make sure. lol

Redbonegirl97 said...


Peace, Love and Chocolate

Jazzbrew said...

"Actually that would be creepy and she may cut you, so just text me, and I'll console her that way."