Saturday, July 31, 2010

I just had a long Saturday, and I sat down in front of the television to relax, and I noticed that VH-1 Soul was in the midst of a Sade video marathon. And that got me to thinking about my top 5 Sade songs. So...


The best part about this song? The drum part in the beginning. This was out the summer I stayed with my grandmother, which means we were in church every damn summer. After each and every service, I would run up to the drum set, and try (unsucessfully) to play this song on the drums

4)Keep Looking

Besides the fact that the music is great, the best part of this song is towards the end. After singing the chorus in a higher register for most of the song, at the 3:27 mark, she goes down and sings it in a lower voice, and its sexy as hell.


I don't have a reason, this song is just catchy as hell.

2) Cherish the Day

There are two versions of this song. The version that originally appeared on Love Deluxe, and then the second version that appeared in the video and on the greatest hits cd. I prefer the latter version of the song. At the 4:16 mark of the song, Sade and long time background vocalist, Leroy Osborne, sing the chorus together and they keep doing so until around the 5:31 mark. At that point, they momentarily sing a capella, and the beat switches to something that sounds like a slow version of the Humpty Dance, and they fade out by saying "Cherish the Day" over and over.

1) Couldn't Love You More

The arrangement is sparse and the words are so damn beautiful, that I wish I had written them when I first fell in love with my wife-to-be, and then saved them for my wedding vows. And then wayy at the end of the song, at the 3:38 mark, she screams out, "Yeah-ee, Yeah Yeahhh", and the very fact that its in stark contrast to the rest of the song, makes me like that moment.

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Sab D said...

Can't go wrong with Cherish the Day!! That video is my all time favorite!! It exudes like a sensuous sexiness that is not over the top like today's video but does celebrate her femininity and simple beauty.