Friday, July 09, 2010

I spent the majority of Thursday evening in the Verizon Center, where I watched some practice, recorded interviews and caught up with some of the other people who cover basketball for a living. So as promised, I missed the LeBron James spectacle last night, although as you can imagine, it didn't take long for the news of his decision to make its way to us. I'd say 99% of the people I was with can't stand Mr. James, so I was in great company.

But after I left the Verizon Center, I noticed I had a text message from my son Carlton. He presumably had seen the LeBron James press conference, and he asked me to give him a call so we could talk about it. Carlton has a unique perspective on all this LeBron mania this summer. First off, he's spending a good chunk of the summer in Cleveland with my mother, so he gets to see fan reaction up close and person. And secondly, LeBron James has been Carlton's favorite basketball player for 7 of his 12 years on this planet.

So as soon as I got a free moment, I called my son and asked him his feelings on this matter. Had I been thinking, I would have recorded this conversation via speakerphone.

Me: So, I know you watched the press conference, how do you feel?
Carlton: I don't like it at all Daddy
Me: Why not?
Carlton: I feel like LeBron took the easy way out by joining Wade and Bosh, instead of finishing what he started in Cleveland
Me: (agree, but playing devil's advocate): But the man wanted to win a championship right now and play with great players.
Carlton: That's true. But still, that's the easy way out Daddy
Me: What's the reaction in Cleveland and at camp?
Carlton: Everyone knew all day he was leaving, but people were holding out hope he would stay. I think people are mad that he didn't tell the city of Cleveland what he was doing before he went on tv
Me: Well I thought it was pretty classless too. So is LeBron still your favorite player? Or has Wade gone from your second favorite to your favorite player
Carlton: I guess I still like LeBron, but I may switch. I don't know. Right now I don't like him
Me: Ok Carlton, its late, get some sleep
Carlton: Ok Daddy.

Again, I should have recorded this interview, sent it to LeBron and his "people" and said, "See what you did to the kids?!?!!"

Also, if you haven't read the letter Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert wrote to the fans and released to the media, please read it here. Clearly the man was angry, tipsy and in love with the "caps lock" and "quotes" buttons.

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£ said...

from the mouths of babes...

good observations from your son.

im relieved the "lebronathon" is over. the media circus... the tv "special" UGH. i too think it was tacky the way it was handled but its 2010 where tacky is the rule and not the exception. a couple of my friends were all WWJ(ordan)D? and i wonder the same. of course, no one can say for sure but id like to believe he would have handled it with more class. The letter by gilbert is priceless. Such vitriol. And though I can smell the 80 proof over here, I feel him. lol. If cleveland won a title this upcoming season i would not be mad.

that said, im glad lebron didn't go to the knicks, and im thinking the celtics, with the addition of O'neal, are looking like the team to beat. (at least on paper.) Oh and for good measure, eff kobe.

Redbonegirl97 said...

I totally agree with your son. Lebron is really immature and classless. We'll see what happens in the new season. I may even cheer for the Lakers or Celtics---then again I not that desperate.

Peace, Love and Chocolate

Jazzbrew said...

Your conversation with your son made my day. Bright kid you have there my friend.

I'm in agreement with just about everyone else. After 7 years with an organization you sit down and tell them your decision. Don't make them watch it on a ESPN television show. On top of that - it truly is the EASY way out. Like Chicago prior to getting past Detroit, Lebron was only a few pieces away from winning a championship.

This move pretty much justifies why I don't care for him. Talk about Kobe all you want but when the times got tough he stuck it out and made it work... twice.