Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Washington DC politics found its way to my neighborhood this morning, and I found myself extremely annoyed at both its presence and its approach. Right in front of my building and across the street, there were at least 10 Adrian Fenty supporters on every corner. They were holding up signs, jumping up and down, and asking people to give their name, physical and email address and phone number, all in the name of supporting Fenty. About three months ago, I blogged about a run-in I had with such a supporter. I suppose these people weren't really hurting anyone, they were just annoying and loud, but I powered through until..

Two blocks away from my house, there were even more supporters hovering about the blocks of Dupont Circle, but they were for riding for Vincent Orange, who is running for DC Council Chair. In what was a brilliant stroke of political genius, all of Orange's supporters wore orange-colored hats and shirts, and they held up orange-colored signs with the word Orange on them. Unlike Fenty's supporters who actually wanted something from you and came armed with pen and pads, these Orange people came armed with nothing. So while I was waiting to walk across the street, I struck up a conversation with one of the orange-colored, Orange supporters.

Me: What's going on sir?
Him: Good morning man, what's your name?
Me: I'm Rashad
Him: Will you be supporting and voting for Vincent Orange?
Me: Well I don't really discuss my voting preference
Him: Understood sir, we can certainly understand that, we just hope you support us come voting time
Me: You know you sound like T-Mobile when I'm calling them with questions on my cell phone bill, where's the human element man?
**shared laughter..his was harder than mine..pause**
Him: I'm sorry about that
Me: And I don't mean to be rude, but what does holding up signs and wearing Orange do? Folks are rich in this neighborhood, their vote will be based on his platform, etc
Him: We just want people who may not have heard of him to be curious and ask
Me: But I'm asking now, but you're not telling me anything, you're just telling me to support him
Him: Sir, I'm just doing my job
Me: Fair enough, have a good day.

Honestly, I really wasn't trying to harass this guy, I just wanted to say hi and ask about this particular campaign tactic, but I got nothing. I really started to grill him but a)I was running late and b)I feel like I'm an agitator at times and I'm trying to cut down on that type of behavior. I've lived in DC a few years now, so I know what Orange is about, but if you are campaigning, you have to assume I know nothing, and sell him to me, whether I am voting for him or not. Even with the Fenty folks..I know its time to start accumulating votes and all, but I just don't like the way its done. Don't just come around when you need me and my vote, come around when nothing is wanted or needed, just to assess your city. As inept, annoying, corrupt and foul as Marion Barry was in this town, he was visible during campaign and non-campaign seasons, and his followers were loyal as a result. That's a terrible example, but if you could combined Barry's attitude with Orange and Fenty's intelligence (for the most part), you'd have the more ideal candidate.

But in fairness to these two gentlemen, the entire voting/campaign process needed to be audited, and neither one of them is going to bring this up when they are simply trying to get re-elected. I get that. I'm rambling..

I would like to thank red wine, my fiancee, and the David Letterman show for helping to create a great wedding planning atmosphere last night. Again, I refuse to do a wedding planning blog per se, but every now and then I will pepper this space with minor developments, so bear with me. We made some crucial decisions last night, and things are much clearer now, and that makes the both of us happy. And yes I wil stay vague for now.

And now, listen to the smooth vocal stylings of Mr. Kenny Loggins:


Jazzbrew said...

"Don't just come around when you need me and my vote, come around when nothing is wanted or needed, just to assess your city."

Well said...

Janelle said...

Damn Jazzbrew stole my quote!! LOL But yeah, that is one thing that bugs me beyond belief about the political landscape - politicians treating voters like jumpoffs, only coming around with they want something and forgetting your needs when theirs are met.

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh, I had the exact same run-in last week!