Thursday, August 05, 2010

The following conversation (or something extremely close to it) happens to me each and every time I bring my laptop in public, and someone sees the back of it (including just now):

Others: What happened to the back of your laptop, I notice it looks damaged and kind of beat up

Me: It was damaged in a fire three years ago, and it has sentimental value for me, so I just haven't bothered to replace or cover up the rough looking part

Others: Oh man I am so sorry about, thank God you made it ok, did you lose everything?

Me: Yes, I lost everything but this laptop, but all is well now

Others: Ok, I'm so sorry again

Me: Next time mind your f**king business, and you won't be in a position where you even have to apologize with your nosy ass (said beautifully and eloquently in my head).

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