Tuesday, August 31, 2010

One of the drawbacks to being sick (besides missing, being awake since 3:57am, and being totally congested) is not being able to workout. I haven't done jack shit since Saturday when I ran a strong five miles. Sunday was my day off from working out, Monday is when I got sick, and I still feel bad today. Tomorrow, I will attempt to swim a mile after not working for several days, and I'm sure I will be gasping for air just to get halfway done. I'm not trying to get sympathy here, I just talking out loud.

This past Sunday, I watched all four hours of Spike Lee's documentary, "If God Is Willing and Da Creek Don't Rise" and I must admit I was pleasantly surprised. Much like Michael Moore, Spike has a tendency to get a bit heavy-handed with his movies and documentaries..meaning he beats you over the head with whatever point he's trying to make. But with this documentary, he got out of his own way, and he just interviewed folks and shot a beautiful movie. Its not easy to watch, it makes you cry, cringe and flat out angry. But most importantly, it sparks discussion, and it makes you realize that New Orleans is still suffering, despite the lack of media attention. I must admit up until this 5 year anniversary, I hadn't though about Katrina and its victims since the Saints won the Super Bowl.

*And as an aside, if you do watch the Spike Lee movie, you'll see my main man Shawn Escoffery featured in a few interviews. He's a talented, smart brother who is not only a good photographer but he does good meaningful work for the city of New Orleans.*

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