Sunday, September 12, 2010

Just the other day, I wrote a glowing love letter to my fiancee, and it was basically a preemptive apology for all the football I was going to watch today. But now that this glorious day is finally upon me, I am going to have to make a bit of an addendum. This is not just an incredible football-watching day, this is an amazing sports day period. Let's delve into this shall we?

1pm: Football games
2:30: USA vs Turkey in the FIBA finals
4pm: My Philadelphia Eagles take on the Green Bay Packers
3pm: Tiger Woods
3pm: WNBA finals
4pm: US Open finals: Rafael Nadal vs Novak Djokovic
8pm: Donovan McNabb vs the Cowboys
10pm: Mad Men

In the back of my head, I can hear my father's voice telling me: "If you're going to watch all that tv today, please make sure you get some reading done beforehand." So Dad? You will proud to know that I am going to read the Sunday Washington Post, from front to back, before I watch a bit of tv. In terms of my fiancee? I need to trick her into watching some of these sporting events, so I can lessen my guilt.

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