Wednesday, September 15, 2010

So this morning, I just stepped out of shower after my swim, and I was naked and toweling off at my locker, when the lifeguard on duty comes up to me. He asked me how I was doing, and I bypassed the return greeting, and went straight to asking him what he wanted (you know, me being naked and all). He asked me if I'm good with computers, and I tell him I'm ok, and then he asked me to come to his desk before I leave. I'm quite sure I still had an incredulous look on my face, but I agreed to come check out his issue. I don't know how it is for women, but it is a serious man-code violation to run up on a man while he's naked at the gym. I'm comfortable with sexuality and all, but damn..

Once I got to his machine, he explained his issue. On his work computer, he has two email addresses he uses to log-in: His main one and his private one, and they both show up in his drop down menu, which is fine. The problem is, he has the same log-in situation at home, and he doesn't want his wife to know he has two emails addresses. I asked him point blank, why would you login to your private address at home, why not just keep that at work? His response? I want to talk to my "friends" at home and at work. I looked at him like really man? CLEARLY his wife is going to catch him doing something stupid in the next few days if not hours..that's how sloppy he is..but we pressed on..

I explained to him that I'm not exactly sure how to eliminate an email address from the drop down menu, but I'd find out for him, and he had this look of panic on his face like my answer wasn't good enough. Just then, two female swimmers came by the desk to get towels, and the lifeguard quickly, but loudly shushed me, so they could not overhear his plight. The two women looked back at me like I was doing something wrong, which instantly caused me to get annoyed. So finally, I told the lifeguard I had to go to work, but I'd find out from someone smarter than I am, how to solve his problem. He gave me his desk number, his cell number and his email address (the private one, I feel special), and told me to please let him know soon, so he could go home at lunch and fix it. I said I'd do what I could, and I left..15 minutes later than I wanted to..

I don't condone cheating at all, but I've done it before in my past, so I'm not naive and angelic here. But come on now, if you aren't smooth enough to conduct your emails in a discreet fashion, why the hell would you even embark on a cheating mission? Is it really worth it man? I really wanted to tell him this, but that too is a man-code violation. If he was my close male friend, I may have told him that he's not built for the cheating game, but since he isn't, it simply isn't my business. Still, I felt sorry for this guy but not really.. Wait, is this blog entry an example of me snitching? Is Suge Knight going to get me now?

As of this morning, I officially live in a city where an effective mayor is about to be replaced by an ancient one, simply because he is arrogant and doesn't try to be any one's friend...but he was still effective at his job. Of course I am grossly oversimplifying here, but not by much. Then again, this is the same city that elected a friendly, sporadically effective crook twice so why am I surprised?

If you're a Bilal fan, go buy his new cd. Its excellent, I'm listening to it now.

And finally, my son is playing football again. I didn't sweet talk him at all either. The coach invited him to watch a game, he regretted the decision, and now he's playing. My 300 plus dollars are back in action.


Miss. Lady said...

LOL! Dude needs to go into his internet options and delete all his cookies and his history. He should disable anything that allows anything he has entered to auto populate, save his info and/or passwords.

Love Bilal, the CD is hot and I will be purchasing it.

maxwellsmusze said...

i was going to suggest something about cookies/internet options but wasn't completely sure. shady internet dealings almost always end badly. gotta love the early morning shushing though.