Thursday, September 09, 2010

Welcome to the latest installment of "Accidental Moments of Ipod Brilliance"

Every other night before I run, I meticulously put about 150 songs on my ipod running playlist. Some songs I retain from the previous run, others get taken off because my mood has changed, and I never like to repeat songs on consecutive runs, so those get removed as well. So in your mind, picture me hovered over the laptop, moving songs around like my ipod is a Soul Train Scramble Board. You may be curious as to why I have 150 songs on a running playlist, when I won't even go through 10 of them during my 5 mile run. And my answer to you is that I like variety..if I had 20 songs on my playlist, I could pretty much predict what was coming next, and then I'd get irritated and distracted, and my 5 mile run would suck, and then I wouldn't be in shape. It's a vicious cycle that can be prevented by me putting a copious amount of songs on there.

So anyway, right before I went running this morning, I scrolled down to my playlist, I hit shuffle, and the I was off. Around the four mile mark, this song came on:

and then right after that, this song came on:

Now what are the odds that two songs, out of 150, with the same beat, playing back to back like that? I was so happy and inspired by this stroke of genius, that I ran that last mile in 2 minutes..yes 2 minutes. Now you can laugh at me, or trivialize this accidental moment of brilliance, but if and when it happens to you, I promise you'll feel the same way. As a matter of fact, I am pretty sure something like this HAS happened to you, but you failed to share it with anyone, because you thought it a)it was too inconsequential to discuss out loud or b)it has only happened to you. Hopefully I have freed you from the shackles of silence..


Sab D said...

That's what's up. I'm going to start renewing my ipod shuffle playlist because even with the shuffle feature I keep hearing the same tracks which takes some momentum out of the workout. I'm borrowing your approach but maybe just 100 songs and a every other day "re-up".

Janelle said...

A brilliant idea but I'd probably use it as an excuse not to work out. " I can't work out today. I haven't updated my playlist". FAIL!! hahahhaa