Thursday, October 14, 2010

When I was around 13, I was an avid soccer player, which meant I had practice damn near every day after school. I'd come home from school, do a bit of homework, go to practice, and then basically come home and crash. And during the 30 minute ride from soccer practice back home, my mother would listen to WHUR, which is the Howard University radio station. They had a news program called the Daily Drum from 6-7, where they covered everything from news, to traffic to sports.

The main sports guy on the news programs was Glenn Harris, and I remember being in absolute awe at how much he knew about sports, and how interesting he made it sound. I remember telling my mother that I wanted to be on the radio with him one day, and she did the thing that all mothers do, which was to tell me I could make it happen, and I didn't really believe her. Well dammit Mommy you were right...kind of..

Last night, I was asked to appear (via phone) on TBD TV (formerly Newschannel 8) which a television station exclusive to the Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia area (I refuse to call it the DMV). I was on there to talk about Gilbert Arenas' crazy ass, along with David Aldridge who works for TBD, TNT and the NBA. And the show I was on was hosted by none other than Mr. Glenn Harris.

I called my dad to let him know I'd be on tv (well my voice was), and when I told him Glenn Harris was hosting, he got excited (in a non-sexual way of course). I don't remember anything I said during my 5-7 minute spot because a) I was nervous as hell despite the glass of red wine by my side and b)David Aldridge was so damn good, that he completely blew me away (again, in a non-sexual way). But the very fact that I got to share some air time with someone who I've wanted to be since age 13 (Glenn Harris) and someone whose job I've wanted to steal for a few years (David Aldridge) is pretty f**king me at least.


Anonymous said...

good sh*t rashad :)

Sab D said...

H**L YEAH!!!! That's what's up man!! It's just the begining!

sixfive said...

Wow! I'm a big DA fan too. That's big Rashad.

£ said...

LOVE it. congrats family. that is an awesome story. big thangs poppin!

and esperanza... love her arrangement of overjoyed, that latin feel just takes it there. makes me wanna dance and practice, simultaneously. lol.