Tuesday, November 16, 2010

First and foremost, I would like to send a sincere shout out to all the Washington R*dskins fans who are going into work with a heavy heart. My beloved Eagles got way up in that ass last night, and although I was tired, I stayed up and watched each and every minute. The Eagles could lose each and every game that is left on their schedule (won't happen) and I would STILL cherish that ass whippin. As I am typing this, I am listening to Washington fans bitch and moan about what's wrong with their team, who needs to be fired, blah blah blah. Just shut up and take it like a (wo)man. And if that doesn't work, just look at me in my Eagles jersey again.

I would also like to send my sincerest apologies to the three women and two men who got copious amount of water splashed on them, by a DC Metrobus down the street from my job. I was lucky enough to see the bus coming, and I backed away from the curb, to save my precious outfit from getting wet and staying that way all day. You assclowns were so eager to jaywalk and get across the street, that you actually had both feet in the street, and not on the sidewalk. So when that bus came motoring down the street at 30 MPH (or more), you got wet, and not in the good way. In fact, two of you got wet pants and wet tops, and that won't dry any time soon. You'll know better next time.

Finally, if you are free on Saturday night, and you are in the mood for some jazz, come to down to the Kennedy Center, and listen to the smooth vocal stylings of Kurt Elling. The lady and I will be there, but if you see us and try to speak to us or exchange pleasantries, we will walk away from you. But I promise you the show will be excellent, Kurt puts on a damn good show.


Redbonegirl97 said...

2 questions: Is that you in the pic? And what's with the Christmas tree dude?

Peace, Love and Chocolate

rashad said...

Yes that is me on Christmas of 2009 when I initially received that jersey. You certainly didn't think I was one of those losers who has his tree up in early November did you?