Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Tomorrow, it will be exactly a month until I tie knot, which means I need to really be coming down the home stretch with my workouts--and I have not been doing that at all. The combination of the start of the Wizards/NBA season, and the fact that I've been fighting a cold the past week or so, has basically rendered me 0 for November in the workout department. I haven't run or swim since October 29th, which is really f**king sad. What's even more sad is that due to the diminished appetite that seems to come with being sick, I have actually lost weight, but that's of no consolation because I know that's not real. Plus, I'm sure I've lost a bit off my stellar 5 mile run/1 mile swim times.

This morning I was supposed to get up and finally run, but I still don't quite have the energy to get up early like I used to (just 2 weeks ago), and workout. So this means that a)I'm being stubborn with my sick recovery plan b)I'm just flat out getting old(er) or c)some combination of the two. Whatever it is,I am currently struh-ga-linng, I need to get it together quickly, because the wedding and then the tropical honeymoon await me, and I can't be looking or feeling anything but my best. God, this feels like a corny affirmation...but its true.

Of course my sickness and my lack of workouts has nothing to do with me not writing/blogging. I just haven't had much to say, although judging by these few paragraphs (that are basically only written motivation for me) I still don't.

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Redbonegirl97 said...

Ok dude you need some serious motivation.

Peace, Love and Chocolate