Thursday, December 02, 2010

For the past week or so, I have been taking time at the beginning of both my night and morning showers, to recite my wedding vows. I have made the executive decision not to write them down at all, because I don't excel at reading things off pieces of paper, note cards, iPad, etc. The most I may do is write down some bullet points, but even with that I'm worried that my hands will shake out of nervousness and whenever I show the wedding video to people, they will see me shaking like a madman. That's not the visual I want, so I'm going the Jay-Z route..I'll think about what I want to say, bob my head a bit, and then spit it out off the top of my head..with a little practice of course.

The only problem with this method is that I cannot get my time down. One time I said everything I wanted to say in about 90 seconds, and then last night it took me three minutes or so. I kept adding and subtracting details on the fly and it was just one convoluted, hot ass mess. I'm thinking about getting the cue card holders from SNL to stand directly behind my bride, so it'll appear as if I'm looking in my lady's eyes, when really I'm reading the cards. Pretty smooth right? One way or another, I'll get this down (that's what he said). I have another 9 days to get it straight.

And now, here's an example of my immaturity:

I saw this in the drug store the other night, and nothing but perverted thoughts entered my head(s). Of course the disgusting-looking pictures of food in both the bottom left and right hand corners made it hard to maintain that perversion, but still...

And finally, I've made it pretty clear over the past 4 years of this blog, that I can't stand LeBron James. He basicall defeated my Washington Wizards in the playoffs by himself a couple of times, and I resented that deeply. So tonight when he returns to Cleveland, I hope he fails miserably, and then goes back to being an All-Star another day. My hate is that strong.

Little One - Bilal
I know I've been all over the place in this blog this morning, but I highly suggest you take a listen to this song. Its a song Bilal wrote with his kids in mind, and its beautifully written. It came on my ipod this morning, and I got a little misty..because it was windy outside


Jazzbrew said...

I'm with you 210% regarding Lebron. I can't stand him for the same reasons (him getting in Gil's head before the free throws pretty much sealed the deal). My momma can't stand him either and that's because she's a bigger Wizard's fan than I am.

Regarding the vows -- whether it's 90 seconds or 5 minutes it will be exactly what it's supposed to be on the big day. I'm excited for you.

Jazzbrew said...

...and so much for our wishes regarding Lebron. He was playing with them. 24 points in the 3rd?

rashad said...

I chose to watch my Eagles whip up on the Texans..i couldn't bear to watch LeBron whip up on the Cavs like that

£ said...

awwwww. just... awwwwwwww. lol

Redbonegirl97 said...

If only that would have happened. I was getting a massage that day when he walked into the building with Savannah for their pilates class. I wanted to yell "S.O.B." but I held it strong.

Peace, Love and Chocolate