Friday, December 31, 2010

I can't say I have a special, year-ending blog in me this year, so I'll just ramble on a bit. I'm thankful that I spent a lot of quality time with my son, I'm thankful I got married, and I am definitely thankful that my writing career continues to take me to interesting places. Next year will bring more writing, more money and possibly a new addition to the family.

So tonight, whether you are going out to partayy, or staying home with champagne like my wife and i, please be safe, have fun, be responsible, and get laid.

Here's an article I wrote yesterday.

And now, my favorite song of 2010:


Sab D said...

YES SIR!!!! that was the joint of the year!!

£ said...

yessir. we've come a long way, baby. :)

congrats again to you and your wife and a happy new year to you both!

Janelle said...

Happy New Year buddy!