Thursday, December 09, 2010

If you remember (and I'm sure you don't) last October when I was on my to workout, I saw Congresswoman Maxine Waters in front of my apartment trying to hail a cab. I stepped in, I spoke to her, hailed a cab for her, and we went our separate ways. It was absolutely random and surreal that I would see this decorated woman in front of my apartment, while I was in workout gear, but I was truly honored.

So this morning, around 8:15 or so, I saw Ms. Waters near my apartment again, and she was sporting the type of coat that would send PETA into a frenzy (she should have bought the matching hat too, because her head looked freezing cold). Now I should have known that a woman of her stature meets thousands of people each and every day, and there would be no way in hell she'd remember me from a year ago. Still, I went to up to her and then...

Me: Hey Congresswoman, my name is Rashad, how are you?

Her: I'm fine Rashad and you?

Me: Very perfect (and yes I really said that). Do you remember me hailing a cab for you last year in this same spot?

Her: No I can't say that I do

Me: It was early in the morning, and you were headed to the airport I think
Her: No I can't say I do young man
**awkward silence**
Me: Well this isn't going like I planned it

Her (laughs): Its ok, you can blame it on the cold

Me: Ok well you have a great day

Her: Ok you too Rashad

Now, I give her props for using my name during her dismount, that made me smile. I also get props of my own for ending on a relatively high note, despite my failed attempts to make her remember me. I give Waters the edge this time.

If you haven't already, I would kindly ask you read my article over at DCist.


Jazzbrew said...

3rd time is the charm. I PROMISE you she'll remember you next go round.

maxwellsmusze said...

I'm sure that wretched wig she usually wears was plenty warm. Also, I'm not sure she'll ever remember you. Older people forget you as quick as they meet you it seems. But you can dream:)