Wednesday, January 05, 2011

All my life I have pretty much avoided coffee like a little kid avoids vegetables. Much like a woman who avoids oral sex, I had tasted it a few times, but I didn't care for it too much, and I never saw what the big deal was. If I wanted a hot drink, I'd stick with warm apple cider, and if I needed a drink to keep me up (awake that is) I'd drink caffeinated tea. I can readily admit that I like the smell of coffee (I also like the smell of bacon, lit pipes and my wife's hair when she gets back from the hairdresser, just in case you were wondering) but that's it.

Things have changed lately, since one of my wife's friends bought us a coffee maker for a wedding gift. As soon as we unwrapped it, I found myself wanting to buy coffee, and then I found myself drinking a cup, and then another. Then that next weekend it was the same type of deal, my wife hooked it up, and I drank it down like I was cramming for an exam, headed for an all-nighter. Unfortunately, I got little to no sleep on the days I drank it, but still, I do believe I am hooked on coffee--homemade coffee that is. I won't buy it or drink it here in the office, I just want it at home while I watch tv and read the paper in the morning.

So what I need from all 5 of you who still read my blog, is some good coffee suggestions..preferably decaf, since the caffeinated coffee sends me through the roof. So far I've had Jamaican coffee (a complimentary gift from the honeymoon) and Dunkin Donuts coffee ( I bought it at Rite-Aid), but I'd like to do some experimenting. I'm sure at least two of you drink coffee, so if you could help me out that will be terrific.

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Jamal said...

Stay away from the coffee champ. It really isn't good for your health.

Redbonegirl97 said...

Try WHoel Foods, they have some really great organic blends. I can't think of the one I have at home but it is mmmmm good. I don't do decaf, if there is no caffeine then I don't want it.

Peace, Love and Chocolate

Notorious Kim said...

I like Starbuck's Komodo Dragon

Trader Joe has decent coffee, too. They also sell decaf (ewwww, lol).

sixfive said...

I don't get decaf either, but in any case there are some good coffees at Whole Foods. I used to get the Guatemalan Antigua, but honestly the best coffee in DC is the local spot Swings. They sell their beans at Best DC at 16th & U and at their coffee shop near the white house.

rashad said...

Thank you everybody, I have lots of choices now. And sixfive..i run past that spot every morning, and I never paid attention. I will be hitting it up on sat.

Janelle said...

When my mother needed to switch to decaf, I went to the home section in Marshalls and picked up bags of flavored decaf coffee. She enjoys it and it's cheap ($3.99-$4.99/bag). win-win

Funny, I hate Starbucks coffee homemade. Yeah, I've completely bought into the marketing campaign. hahahahaha