Monday, January 31, 2011

Given that I am an avid sports fan, this is a little embarrassing to admit, but I finally purchased a big, flat screen television this weekend. Its something that I kept saying I would do, but I would always find a reason to spend money on something else I deemed important for me to have. But on Saturday I remedied that issue and and bought me a 46 incher.

After some minor frustrations involving getting the damn box open and not having the right HDMI cords (frustrations that caused my wife to leave the room to avoid my poor attitude), I finally got it up and running about 30 minutes after I started my task (the wife came back and I apologized). It didn't matter whether it was the Wizards game, hockey, golf, bullfighting or stock-car racing, I found myself watching every sport I could get my hands on just to see how it looked in HD. I honestly don't know how I deprived myself of such a wonderful luxury for so long, but I'm glad I fixed it. I was getting all excited at the prospect of watching the Super Bowl in style, and then I remembered I'm going to a Super Bowl party. I think I'm still going to DVR it, just to see how it looks after the fact..

I'd also like to send a special shoutout to the a**hole who had nothing in his hands, yet still found it necessary to use the handicapped button to open the door to my job. There is a 10 second delay in between hitting the button and the door actually opening, and then it takes another 10 seconds for the door to actually open completely. But you stood there all 20 seconds, rather than taking one of your empty hands and opening the f**king door. Meanwhile, I'm carrying my work bag, a Starbucks drink, a banana, and a bagel, and I had already freed a hand in anticipation of having to open the door, only to have to wait for your dumbass. There's a guy named Kevin Laue who is playing major college basketball with one hand, and here you are with two hands waiting for a button designed for wheelchair folks. You're a class act buddy.

Don't You Get So Mad - Jeffrey Osborne

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