Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I'm having a Charles Dickens, A Tale of Two Cities type of Wednesday. So that I can end on a high note, I'll start with the negative first..

1)I just got my Washington DC driver's license last Tuesday, and then yesterday they promptly hit me with a ticket. Apparently, back on October 3rd of last year (the day of my friend Faye's wedding..its all her fault) I ran a red light, and the security cameras caught me from about 678 different angles. I remember I ran that light because it was raining, and had I tried to brake, I'd have slid in the middle of the intersection..that will be the basis of my flimsy defense. But I'm a little miffed that it took them over 3 months to send me that $150 ticket.

2)I've slept a total of four hours the past two nights. Two nights ago, I'm pretty sure it was due to the 2 ample cups of coffee I drank after 1pm. I don't know what the hell was going on last night. But what I DO know is that I've seen quite enough of ESPN's Australian Open coverage that comes on between 1 and 5am.

3) I have a terrible toothache and I can't get a dentist appointment until next week, which means I have to pop pills like skittles for relief..I'm not exactly crazy about that

And now for the good stuff

1)It looks like I will be able to interview Kareem Abdul-Jabbar for the second time. His people have called my people (me), and if all goes well I can sit down with him during All-Star weekend in Los Angeles. to discuss his upcoming movie.

2)My 36th birthday is tomorrow

3) I will be attending this conference at MIT in March, and although I'm a little nervous because it will be full of folks who are smarter than I am, I still can't wait to learn new things.

I wrote this out to make me feel better..I think it worked

Devil's Pie - D'Angelo


Sab D said...

That MIT joint sounds dope (or fresh or any other late 80's colloquialism that fits)!!!!

Jazzbrew said...

GREAT news on the Kareem interview my man. On the coffee tip - eventually you'll get like me. I can drink a cup at 9PM and STILL sleep like a baby.

Janelle said...

1) The traffic cameras are the devil. Sometimes you HAVE to run a red light. But ummmm, pay up before they revoke your license.

2) switch to decaf

3)Take the drugs. Enjoy the drugs. Repeat. But I will write you off if you become a crackhead.

4) So proud of you. You may actually have to get people soon.

5) Happy born day a day early. And yes, I will say it again tomorrow.

6) Wow!!! That's rad for you. I know you're stoked. (See I, too, can throw around an 80s colloquialism or 2...hahahahahha)