Sunday, February 27, 2011

About once a month or so, the wife and I get our groceries delivered from the good folks at Peapod. I certainly understand how the joys of walking up and down a grocery store aisle can be a fun experience for certain couple, but wife and I can't stand it. The crowds are annoying, the checkout lines are more annoying, and when we do these things online, everyone wins. We get certain groceries via Peapod, and the rest from the Farmer's Market that's right down the street from our house every Sunday morning.

So this morning the delivery guy from Peapod showed up around 1pm today and delivered all of my groceries, except for a 24-pack of Deer Park Water. The delivery guy explained to me that he had forgotten it at the store, and I told it was no big deal at all. He gave me all the bags from the truck, gave me the sheet to sign, and then he hesitated a bit, and then we proceeded to have the following conversation:

Him (pointing at the sheet): Usually people leave a tip or something on this line for the drivers, you don't want to leave anything for me today?

Me: No I'm good

Him: Oh ok, well you have a great day

Me: You too buddy

Now..I'm not a mean guy and I'm generally pretty forthcoming with tips, when I feel someone has gone above and beyond the call of duty. But when you announce that you have forgotten a part of my grocery order(I need my water, especially after I workout in the morning) and then on top of that, you openly lobby for a tip, I think that's way out of line. If he had offered to re-deliver the water a later date, that would have gotten me excited to tip..but no such thing happened.

So was I wrong?


Jamal said...

He should of offered to bring it back. And even then a tip would of been in question.

sixfive said...

Yeah, you're in the right on this one. I mean, at least offer to bring the water, that's craziness.

Miss. Lady said...

You should have wrote on the tip line, bring me my water. That's a tip for you dude.

scout said...

lol, i don't understand how anyone could _ask_ for a tip. My mother would've told him "my tip to you is not to spit in the wind. good day!" she loves saying that. once a very bad waitress, and I mean AWFUL, chased us to our car telling us we had forgotten to leave her a tip. My mom simply said "no" and closed the door on her.