Tuesday, February 22, 2011

So yesterday while I was on the plane, I finally saw the movie, "Notes on a Scandal". The movie is basically about a 30 something teacher who has an affair with her 15 year old student..although there's also another plot that involves an older woman and her obsession with getting close to the teacher. Needless to say, the older teacher, younger woman plot really intrigued me.

I don't remember crossing paths with a single, solitary attractive teacher between kindergarten and 12th grade. I remember Mrs. Lynch, my science teacher, had really big breasts that you could see because of how the buttons on her shirt were situated, but she was not attractive. There was another teacher of mine whose name escapes me, who had a big ass and she wore tight pants, but again her face was less than stellar. Where were these attractive, pervy, emotionally-disturbed teachers who wanted to give my young ass a little trim? Why couldn't I be so lucky? I'm hearing more and more stories about older teachers and younger students, and I'm increasingly resentful no such thing happened to me.

When I was doing my student teaching I noticed some attractive girls, but I never once thought of going there, even though they were only a few years younger. I valued my future as a teacher, and I didn't want to have a solitary blemish on my record. Plus so many of my students lived in my neighborhood, so I didn't want things to get complicated. Plus no one wants to admit it, but it is WAY creepier for an older male teacher to talk to one of his young, female students...such a sad double standard.

I wonder how I would react if my son told me that he got down with an older female teacher? I know how I'd react if I had a daughter and she told me about a male teacher..I'm going to stop now, because I think I have become a Chris Hansen target..

But seriously, if you have some free time, rent "Notes on a Scandal"..its worth sitting through the uncomfortable scenes

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