Monday, March 14, 2011

First off, I'd like to respectfully ask that you read my article.

Second, I have to say that the Robert Glasper concert on Friday night was absolutely amazing, although selfishly speaking, I wish he had gone longer than an hour (that's what she said). The band basically played one hour-long song, and they played classics like Coltrane's "Love Supreme", newer songs like Bilal's "All Matter", and then ended with a brief tribute to J Dilla by playing Slum Village's "Fall in Love".

But the best part of the show was not the show on stage, but rather the family sitting next to my wife and me. There was a couple that looked to be in their mid-30s, and they had their two boys with them. One boy looked to be about five or six years old, and the other was around two. Naturally, the two year old was sleep in his father's lap, but the six year old was definitely into it. He was drumming on the tables, and he was making facial expressions like he was really into the music, and on more than one occasion, Mr. Glasper gave the kid the thumbs up. I was proud of the parents for exposing their kids to jazz, and I was jealous that my son wasn't with me. It was a great moment.

And lastly, if you haven't watched the Fab 5 documentary, you should catch it. As I told my main man (and college roommate) Sabin last night, that wasn't just a regular documentary..he and I actually lived that during our early college years, so we were emotionally invested. Eventually I'll gather my thoughts and write something eloquent, but for now, I'll just say go watch it.

Oh and one more alma mater (THE Hampton University) will be taking on the hated Duke Blue Devils in the first round of the NCAA tournament on Friday I'd ask that you root for my team to pull off the colossal upset. And who did Hampton beat to gain entry into the NCAA tournament? My wife's sorry ass Morgan State Bears.

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Jazzbrew said...

I always love seeing young people at jazz concerts. Gives me hope for the future of the music...

I was going to email you on the Fab 5 show. I really, really enjoyed that. I have never been a big college sports fan but when they were playing I never missed a game. Yes, I was on the bandwagon but in my defense, we haven't seen a group of kids that exciting in college basketball since. That show also exposed me to elements of that period that I wasn't familiar with.

Oh, and like the Fab 5... I hate Duke so no problem rooting against them.