Thursday, March 31, 2011

I met my wife six years ago tomorrow (April 1, 2005, for those who can't do the math). I went to a bar after work because I wanted to enjoy a few beers and watch the Wizards game alone. I walked in the bar and saw my wife and her friend talking to two guys in the corner. I noticed how pretty she was, but I figured she was on a double date or something so I did not press the issue. I ordered my beer and got lost in the Wizards game.

I remember I had a date later that night around 9 or 10, which meant I'd have to leave the bar during the fourth quarter of the Wizards game, and take a 10 minute cab ride to my next destination. Around the second quarter my wife (I know it sounds weird for me to call her my wife, when back then she was nobody, but get over it) sat down next to me and started chatting away. Now I had seen her talking to those other dudes for at least 10-20 minutes, so I had no clue why she was all up in my face, so I did my best to shun her bullshit conversation, and keep my eyes on the game. It did not work.

A few minutes later, her girlfriend came over, and they both were talking to me so much, that I don't even remember what the hell happened in the game. At this point I was actually having good conversations with both of them--but mainly my wife. At one point the song I bought them beers, they returned the favor, I bought shots, they did the same, and I was feeling no pain. But I was sober enough to call my date for the evening (thank god I got her voice mail), cancel the plans we had, turn my phone off, and continue enjoy myself. Yes that was wrong, but hey I was in the moment, and I was not ready to leave.

About an hour later, my wife came up to me and said, "Do you want to come back to my apartment with me and my girlfriend?". Of course I said hell yes, because the first thing on my mind was a threesome. I mean why else would she invite me AND her girlfriend to HER apartment. I just knew this was my lucky day, and if the woman I cancelled my date with complained, I would simply explain to her, "Hey, it was a f**king threesome, what was I supposed to do?"

Well it wasn't a threesome (I still "joke" with my wife and her girlfriend that they owe me for their false advertising). We all talked for another hour, then her girlfriend crashed, and my wife and I talked and "stuff" (no sex was involved though). I woke up the next morning, and her girlfriend left, I went out and bought muffins and orange juice and my wife and I ended up talking all damn day until around 3pm (again, no sex was involved). At 3, she had a massage appointment, and I had a Final Four party to attend with my boy. When I left her apartment, I was happy and I had like 10 angry messages and texts from the woman I cancelled with..and I didn't even care.

My wife and I dated for a few months but it didn't work out, and after 5 or 6 months of no contact (except for one night when her and her sister drunkenly called me talking jibberish), she emailed me out of the blue, and we became platonic friends for another two years until we re-connected. The rest is history..I think I've told this story in my blog before, but who cares, it never gets old--not to me at least.

And the song playing on the jukebox when I met my wife was the one you see below. My wife knew none of the words except the, "I got more than just some good d**k and some money" [Very classy.


nichole said...

every time you post this, i have to co-sign the missus. the "good d*ck" part is an important distinction.

i'm glad you had sense enough to cancel the "date," which is clearly code for booty call, but i appreciate you trying to be PG-13.

rashad said...

Thanks for busting me out and not leaving that tiny tidbit in between the lines buddy.