Wednesday, March 02, 2011

It is confession time..

I'll admit that part of me was a bit fearful of both the short and long term effects of a government shutdown. I do a decent job of saving my money and all that, but these things can get tricky, and a one week shutdown could lead to two, three and beyond. Plus I am contractor, so when government money gets tight, they are quick to downsize, get rid of us, and plug in another government worker. So I won't say I was panicking or anything, but I was definitely paying attention to what the House and Senate leaders were saying on a day-to-day basis. I'm really hoping that are pro-active in finding another resolution beyond this two-week one they just agreed to, but if its anything like NFL and NBA labor conflicts, they will definitely wait until the very last minute...BUT

Part of me was happy that a government shutdown was (and maybe still) on the horizon. I wanted at least a week off from my regular job, and I wanted to see the type and volume of writing I could do without the "burden" of a 9 to 5. I wanted to cover a Wizards practice, write about a random NBA game, take the time to sit down and analyze patterns, trends, statistics, other authors, re-examine my own writing, etc. Its tough to do that, work my job, do personal things, and be a father and a husband all at the same time. But if I were to temporarily remove my job from the equation, I could do a dry run on a trial basis.

Of course if I had accrued a little more wealth, I'd quit my job and just do this full-time, but I'm not there just yet. Plus this is very selfish of me, because there are some people who would really be crippled by a government shutdown, and they would not give a damn about all the good things I was able to accomplish on the writing front, and nor should they be. But I'm rooting for a one-week shutdown, so if you're reading this and this angers, I extend you my sincerest apologies, but I invite to read my work while you're sitting at home that week. I predict big things.

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Jazzbrew said...

There is nothing to apologize for. You are a man with a plan.

If there is a shutdown... cool.

If not... that's cool too.

I ain't mad at you homey.