Monday, March 21, 2011

So I took the wife shopping this weekend at the outlet in Williamsburg and one of the outlets we went to was the Coach outlet. Hundreds of women, black and white, young and old, stood in line (they only let a certain number of people in the store at a time), waiting to get their grubby little hands on some of Coach's finest products. It was like watching March Madness for women in there, and I just did my best to stay the hell out of the way.

But when we were in the line to purchase items, I noticed a curious looking family in front of us. There was a mother, a daughter and a son. The son (and he may have been a cousin or a nephew) looked like a normal, skinny 14 year old boy. The mother looked to weigh about 300-325 lbs, she was about 5'3", her hair was done to the nines, and her outfit looked stretched as hell but respectable. Her daughter was about 5'1", she couldn't have been more than 10 years old, and she was easily 200lbs, although I would not be shocked if she weighed more. Her hair wasn't done, her clothes were dirty, and she was touching every damn thing on the counter, while her mother paid for her THREE purses.

Now I do my best not to judge people and their circumstances, but that sight was tailor-made for I judged in the form of rhetorical questions directed to my wife. There were so many things wrong with that picture it was was like one of those picture in Highlights magazine when you have to find all the things that were out of place:

1) That child was WAY too young to be that overweight, and the mother should be punished for allowing that to happen. If its a medical condition or a thyroid situation, then fine. But it looked like a child who eats a lot, and then sits on her ass..that's the mother's fault. Kids need to run around, do some type of activity, or just flat out eat less.

2) Parents can look nice with their hair, nails and whatever else done up, but their kids should look just as nice, and at the very least clean. That little girl looked like her hair hadn't been done in ages, and her clothes had the kind of dirt that just looked like it hadn't been washed in weeks. If the family is poor and struggling, I totally understand that..but to be buying THREE coach bags (even at the outlet, that's easily $500-700) when the physical appearances are lacking, is just uncool

3)The mother made the daughter (not the son) carry all three bags, and you could just tell by the way she handed her the bags, that their relationship was kind of chilly. Now I could be just nitpicking here, but the body language on both ends was telling, and the older boy should be carrying the bags. That's what gentleman(even young ones) should be learning.

I'm pretty sure I'm not capturing how disturbing the image was, which means I'm coming off like some sort of self-righteous, judging ass..and that's fine. But if you had seen what I saw, you'd be disturbed as well. Or maybe its just me..

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