Friday, March 04, 2011

So in the midst of the bad day I was having yesterday, I made the type of error that could have very well cost me my precious job. There was an email exchange going on with about 6 people from work copied, including myself and my boss who I am cool with. A fellow co-worker of mine who works in another building was requesting some information, and my boss provided for her in prompt fashion. Then this same person needed some additional information from a third party, and she asked my boss if she would mind getting that too. My boss said yes, and then my co-worker implied that she didn't mind getting it herself if need be. At this point, I jumped in and sent an email that said, "If she didn't mind, she would have gotten it herself."

Now I thought I was sending that email to just my boss, but it turns out that I sent that email to the very co-worker I was making fun of..this is someone who if she wanted to, could raise enough hell to make me unemployed. Now this wasn't the worse case scenario in which I could have copied every damn body on the email chain, so I should thank my lucky stars for that. Still those 10 minutes in between me accidentally sending that email, and me finally getting a response were painfully uncomfortable. I asked my boss what I should do, and she suggested I act like it didn't happen, then she told me to try to laugh it off, because this particular co-worker was cool. I was way too frazzled to come up with an effective plan of action, so I left my office completely to go get some water.

When I came back to my computer, there was an email from my co-worker that said, "I like to think of myself as a team player Rashad!", and then she ended it with a smiley face. I can readily admit that I think smiley faces at the end of emails are corny and pretentious, but when I saw my co-worker end her sentence with one, I was ecstatic. I also knew this was my cue to pick up the phone, and try to make this right, so that's exactly what I did.

Co-worker (who say the caller id and knew it was me): Hi Rashad

Me: Hey there..yeah I can't really apologize for what I said, because clearly I was trying to be smart, but I do apologize for being dumb enough to send it to you

Co-worker (laughing): That's fine Rashad, I honestly think it was funny

Me: I know but still..and if you want to come to my office and help me get my foot out of my mouth, I certainly won't stop you

Co-worker (still laughing): Rashad its fine, its no big deal, we're still cool

**a bit of an awkward pause**

Me: Ok well that's all I got, I'm going to run now, and again I'm sorry for the uncomfortable moment

Co-worker: Its no problem Rashad

Now I do believe that she thought it was funny, and I don't think she's upset about it. But I DO think she's going to get me back in somehow when I least expect it. I do know that last night right before I was scheduled to leave for the day, she requested me to research something, and normally I would have ignored it until I got in this morning. But due to my f**k up earlier in the day, I stayed right at my desk an extra 15 minutes in attempt to fulfill her request. And when the person I needed info from turned out to be gone for the day, I sent my co-worker a detailed email saying I'd follow up with rest of her request in the morning. I was very thorough even though it was after hours..this woman basically has me by the balls for a little while...

Anyway, please read this article on how I would cheer up Washington Wizards fans.

Shoutout to my brother who sent me the video version of the quote I posted yesterday;


Sab D said...

Funnier than the office taco party commercial!!

rashad said...

Sab D,
Nothing tops that commercial..ha!