Friday, March 11, 2011

So yesterday (and I thank my main man jazzbrew for alerting me to this fact) Washington Wizards owner took yet another shot at me and my writing via his blog. I do believe he is still irritated over this article I wrote last week, so when I wrote this article a couple of days ago, he decided that he'd take a few more shots at me....he even mocked my Jerry Maguire-inspired title.

This time, instead of just sitting idly by and taking that ever elusive high road, I decided to say something. You see Mr. Leonsis (he may be wrong, but he's still rich and powerful, which means he still deserves the respect of being called "Mr.") is still operating under the premise that I don't agree with the current rebuilding approach he's taking with the Washington Wizards. What he failed to glean from my initial article is that I do indeed understand what he's doing (even if it isn't working right now), but there are some fans who are impatient, as evidenced by the spotty attendance as of late. But Mr. Leonsis is ignoring some of the facts, just so he can make himself look good..he's neither the first or last person of power to do such a thing. So I left this comment in his blog response as of yet.

Now, I will not lie, it does the ego good to know that not only does the owner read my work, but it gets under his skin just a bit, because he hints at that in his blog. That means more people read and discuss what I write and that my friends is a little something I like to call a win-win situation. However, my need to have the last word has now superseded by desire to be recognized. I don't mind Mr. Leonsis talking about me, but I DO want to be represented correctly, and I do want the upper hand..or at least as much of the upper hand as you can get against someone who is damn near a billionaire..


Jazzbrew said...

Thanks for posting my favorite Robert Glasper tune. That beat is SICK. I'm guessing the show was great last night. In case you haven't seen this one... enjoy:

rashad said...

Thanks for the link sir, I'll check it out. And the show is tonight!! Tickets are still available