Friday, March 18, 2011

So yesterday, the wife and I were on our way to happy hour, when we walked by a nail salon that had this sign outside on the window:

My wife brought it to my attention, and we were getting ready to walk by it, and I decided that it deserved to captured via camera phone. In my mind, I tried to come up with scenarios where what was written would be sufficient--I could not. I was tempted to make my own sign and post it right under that one, but that would be doing too much..although I'd get a huge kick out of it. Here were my sign options

1)Receptionist(s) need(ed) it(!)
2) Receptionist, need one!
3) Or Receptionists needed
4) Editor need it more
5)Punctuation and letters needed as well...

That's all I came up with.

Also I would like to give a shot to my main man, and NBA star Kevin Durant for giving my article a shoutout on his website and again on twitter. Any little exposure I can get is appreciated.

Finally I would like to give a birthday shoutout to my lovely wife who is celebrating her birthday today. I don't know if she would be happy with me mentioning that she's turning 38 today, but I just did. My gift(s) will offset any anger she has..

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