Thursday, April 28, 2011

Every year before the NBA playoffs start, Los Angeles Lakers coach Phil Jackson picks a time--usually after his team loses--and takes a subtle swipe at the referees. He doesn't have a set script in terms of what he says, but it is always something to the effect of, "There are a lot of teams that get more calls than we do, and I hope when the playoffs start that evens out, because dammit we deserve it and I'm Phil F. Jackson."

Shortly after he gives that annual speech, the fireworks begin. The NBA league office usually fines Phil and the Lakers a substantial amount, other owners get flustered and start accusing Phil of manipulating the refeeres, opposing coaches get pissed and say Phil is the master of mind games, and even his own players get a little exasperated that Phil is up to his antics once again. But when the playoffs start, Phil and the Lakers get favorable calls, they win games and everything works out in his favor. At some point he probably steps back and tells his team, "See what I did there?"

The same applies to Mr. Donald Trump. Somewhere in that rich, attention-starved diabolical mind of his, he decided that he was going to be a pain the ass, en route to his attempt to possibly run for President. And since this pursuit of the Presidency would have be done from the Republican viewpoint, Trump had to customize his plan for that side of town. And if he could gather some Tea Party folks along the way, then that would be even better.

So he excavated the birther issue, he casually threw out the word "blacks", he questioned Obama's academic background, trashed Mitt Romney's method of getting rich, boasts that he's rich and smart, and if he had extra time to spare, he promoted his show, "The Apprentice". The media has reported every move and speech that he made, black people got upset and called Trump a racist and vowed to revoke their support (support of what? I'm still not sure), Obama called a press conference and reluctantly (but in a smug dismissive fashion) flashed his birth certificate like a gang sign, and Democrats and Republicans just wished this man would go away.

And at some point during Trump's day, probably when he's on the golf course with a cigar, a stiff drink and his pals, he winks at them and says, "See what I did there?"


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I agree w Jazzbrew...and this was my favorite part:"Obama called a press conference and reluctantly (but in a smug dismissive fashion) flashed his birth certificate like a gang sign."