Tuesday, April 05, 2011

I would like to spend a special heartfelt shoutout to my main man jazzbrew for saving the day. Last week I attended the Branford Marsalis/Terence Blanchard concert, and although I had a great time, I was a little disappointed that I never got to see them do a song or two together. They helped compose the score of Mo' Better Blues, and I'm sure they had played together in other venues, why couldn't they do it at the Kennedy Center when I was in attendance.

Then yesterday jazzbrew sends me a review from the LA Times. Branford and Terence performed a show out there, and they actually did do two songs together, which made me even angrier that they shortchanged me in DC. Then jazzbrew told me about a cd that came out in 2009 that features Branford, Terence, the great bassist Christian McBride, and drummer Jeff "Tain" Watts (aka the drummer from Bleek's band in Mo Better Blues). The cd is called Watts, Jeff Tain Watts composed all the songs, and I am listening to it right now and it is great. I highly recommend it to both jazz and non-jazz lovers.


Jazzbrew said...

You my friend are an ambassador to jazz. Thanks for helping to keep it alive and well.

sixfive said...

Are you guys familiar with Wallace Roney? Apparently Denzel followed him for 6 months while studying for Mo Better Blues. Melanie and I were lucky enough to catch him in Paris two weeks ago, he's got a great young quintet (though I was more impressed by the rest of the band than by Wallace himself). The keyboardist was incredible.

rashad said...

I don't own his music, but he comes up on Pandora from time to time. I'll definitely check him out