Monday, April 04, 2011

First off, please read my article about the Cleveland Cavaliers

Ok now..I'm walking into work with my headphones on listening to Rakim tell me about his melody, when I feel something bump up against my ankle region. I look back and I don't immediately see anything, and I look down, and there's a medium-sized dog sniffing around my ankles. The owner of the dog has his headphones on, and he has one of those leashes stretch as far as the dog runs, but never detach. I continue to look forward thinking this is an isolated incident.

The second time it happened, I simply moved over on the sidewalk, hoping that dumb dog and his dumber owner would get the point and a) walk by me or b) at least walk along side me so the dog would quit sniffing my ankles and putting his wet-ass nose on me. I know that sounds like I'm being a baby, but come on..he's got to control his dog. The third time, the dog actually bumped into me hard enough to make me stumble a bit, and this point I stopped, waiting until the owner came up to me, and we had a little chat.

Me: Hey man
Him (removing his headphones): What's going on man?
Me: You know your dog keeps bumping against me right?
Him: Man I'm jamming here, I didn't even see, I'm so sorry man.
**then he pulls his dog closer and starts petting and talking jibbberish to it**
Me: Its cool, I just didn't know if you knew or you just didn't care or what
Him: My fault man, its cool
Me: Alright take care
Him: You too bro

So I continue to walk, and the owner and the dog continue to walk behind me, and about thirty seconds after we had the conversation that I thought had cleared the air, this dog runs right into my left leg again, causing me to stumble a bit. I look back and the owner is laughing and says, "I did that one on purpose man, I'm just messing with you." I look right at him without laughing and say, "Would you think it was funny if I kicked the sh*t out of your dog?". He stopped laughing, repeated that he was simply kidding, and he walked off in another direction. I didn't say another word.

Now, my track record as a good Christian brother is well-documented on this blog, so I think I handled this relatively well. You just don't joke around like that when a)its not even 8am b)Your dirty ass dog already ran up against me three times when you were none the wiser and c)you don't know me like that. But I've been wrong way more times than I've been right, so I figured I run this by my five readers and get a feel for what you would have done, and whether I'm right or wrong.


Anonymous said...

Straight talk -- you were right dog.

scout said...

I would've done the same thing.