Sunday, April 10, 2011

So I lost my wedding ring on Saturday...

I had it when I woke up, I had it when I was in the barbershop and I had it when my son and I left the house to try to play miniature golf and then headed to Dave&Busters. But I think while my son and I were playing competitive basketball at D&B, my ring fell off, and I didn't even notice. Somebody told me a few months back that I should remove my ring if I ever played basketball, but I thought I was ok, since I only took a few (about 30) shots. I was wrong...and yes I made more shots than my son.

I left D&B, drove home, watched the Masters with my son, walked to two stores and ran errands and then I realized my ring was gone. It was not in the two stores I visited, and when I called D&B, they could not locate it either. I did the adult thing and told my wife right away, and she was remarkably understanding about it all (she's made a few jokes, but nothing mean), but I still feel bad. I haven't even had that thing for five months and already its gone. Luckily for me, I didn't want an extravagant ring anyway, so it won't cost too much to replace. Still, it was embarrassing, and I cannot let this happen again.

Back to miniature golf..I looked this place up on the Internet, I got directions, I got the phone number, and I drove all the way out there, and the place was gone. It had been torn down and replaced with an under construction parking garage. My son looked at me like I was crazy, while I tried to explain that it used to be there. I even showed him the site, the pictures, the phone number and everything on my phone, so the he would know that his father wasn't a mental patient, but that's exactly what he thought. So for all the people who work at White Flint Golf Park in Rockville, Maryland, and read my blog, I'd like to say f**k you for making me look bad in front of my son. And double f**k you for denying me a chance to play miniature golf.

And finally, I watched some folks play the Michael Jackson Experience on Wii, and I fell in love with it. Now I have to buy a Wii, the MJ game, and the Tiger Woods Masters game. So if anyone knows of any sweet deals, please holler at me. I know I'm late getting in on all this, but hey..I'm old(er), cut me some slack.

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