Tuesday, May 03, 2011

You know what love is? It's when your favorite aunt who lives in Cleveland, Ohio calls you on a random Sunday during the NBA playoffs. She's completely oblivious to the fact that the Heat/Celtics game is on tv, and you are knee deep in this contest, she just has some things she needs to discuss with you, so she calls. About five minutes into her conversation, she asks if you're still coming to visit her when you come in town on Friday, and you say absolutely I am. Then she asks--and this is the good part--what you want her to cook when you arrive. You hedge a little bit because you really haven't heard a family member (who isnt your wife) ask you to customize a dinner menu, but when you start hesitating too much, your aunt gets mad and tells you to be a man, step up to the plate, and tell her what the hell you want to eat...

So you tell her you want her famous potato salad, greens, chicken, biscuits, and then you stop there, and she says she will have all that and more, and the conversation ends. You forget to request some sort of pie or cake, but you're confident that she'll throw that in for good measure anyway. You really want to immediately go back to the Heat/Celtics game, but now you're flustered, and instead of thinking about LeBron, Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett, you start fantasizing about that meal on Friday, and just how primal you plan to be while you're eating it (pause). Your wife, who was allegedly knocked out on the couch, perks up when she hears you come back in the room, and asks if that was your aunt talking about food, and you confirm, and even she gets a little excited, before falling back asleep on the couch.

It is only Tuesday, and I'm still excited.

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Jazzbrew said...

Damn. Now *I'm* hungry!!