Thursday, July 14, 2011

First off, let me say this picture was taken by my main man Kyle in February of last year--my friend Amy taught me the importance of giving photo credits. Secondly, this is one of my favorite pre-Wizards game pictures. It isn't just because it perfectly captures the madness around pre-game press conferences, and it isn't because I'm starved for anything basketball-related during this NBA lockout. The main reason I like this picture is that I am standing next to one of my favorite writers, Michael Wilbon. His big yellow head is in the bottom left hand corner of the screen, and my smaller head is to his left. We briefly talked before and after this picture was taken, and I'm always taken aback at hoq humble and helpful he is every time I see him, despite his fame. I want to be like when and if I get famous..or infamous, I'll take either one.

Thank you for listening. Oh and if you haven't read Toure's article on Dave Chappelle, go read it by clicking right here.


£ said...

Fam... I'm not feeling this lockout. Football AND basketball? No bueno. Baseball can't last forever. When it's over what is we gonna do? Football makes winter tolerable. I'm most distressed at the thought of it not being around.

Anyway, nice pic! I've always liked Wilbon. He and Kornheiser are great on PTI.

(Sidenote, I forgot how much I liked visions of a sunset. Listened to it again, and got all emo lol.)

Jazzbrew said...

Like Lex I am PRAYING for a quick end to the football AND basketball lockout. I've got a son on the way and they are seriously cramping my plans of father/son activities. Yes, I know he will only be pooping and sleeping the first few months but I'm just saying...