Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I hate to be negative after the inspirational blog post I put up yesterday, but balance (and people) make the world go round, so all is well.

So this morning I get to the JCC at 5:56am--a full four minutes before the building was to open. I was the only one standing there so I decided to tug at the door to see if it was open, but it was not, so I stood right in front of the door waiting. Two minutes later, another gentlemen walked up behind me, ignored the fact that I was standing right by the door, and tried to open it as well, but of course it was locked. He gave me a goofy smile, and said, "I had to try right?", and I gave him a stoic look and said, "What you thought I was standing here for the hell of it?" Then there was uncomfortable silence.

I hate people like that, I gotta tell you. These same people will see the "up" arrow lit at an elevator, and they will roll up and hit the button one, two, three even four times, as if that will magically summon the elevator from its hiding place. These are the same people that will be stuck at a light 11 cars back, and STILL beep the horn frantically, even though they have no clue what's going on ahead of them. I would like to cut all of their eyelids off, and give them copious amounts of Ambien. Be patient and wait like everyone else has to.

I would also like to take a bit of time to send a shout out to the brother in the Range Rover this morning, who was on the corner of Connecticut and Q St in DC. You didn't care that it was 7am, and usually the only noise on that street is from people talking, cars and trucks going by, and birds chirping. You felt the need to have your windows rolled down, while some terrible Lil Wayne song was blaring through your overblown speakers. Then you had the nerve to be leaning way back in your seat, as if anyone except my annoyed ass was paying attention to you. Why is all that necessary so early? No women were paying attention to him, and even if they were, it was 7am, they aren't awake enough to be receptive to all that.

Anyway I'm done. If someone could tell me when apples are back in season, I would appreciate it. I'm tiring of eating peaches and grapes.


tia said...

i don't know if they're in season but i've been buying bags of golden delicious apples from the farmer's market all summer.

maxwellsmusze said...

maybe he was pumping his music to stay awake/wake up? i'm trying to remember when i was a youth did i think that was cute because as long as i can remember its been annoying - pumping the loud music.