Friday, July 29, 2011

I have heard many times over the years, that one of the keys to losing weight, staying healthy, and maintaining an overall positive lifestyle is sleep. 8 hours is the desired number, and that allows your body to properly shut down, before it gets called into work again the next morning. Sounds easy enough right? Not bloody likely.

My body is a cross between a college student and a card-carrying AARP, senior citizen. Monday through Friday, I usually go to bed 'round midnight, and I'm awake around 5:30. Yes I usually set my alarm at the time, so I can wake up and workout, but I usually wake anywhere between 5 and 30 minutes beforehand. On the weekends, I can go to bed as late at 3am, and you can bet your bottom dollar (never knew what that really meant) that by 7am I will be awake, no matter how much I try to go to sleep. The only time I seem to be able to nap successfully is late Sunday afternoon, and of course that causes me to be up until 1-2am, but then I still wake up at 5:30, which means I'm Mr. Angry Man all Monday long.

So I guess my issue/question is how do I train my body to go to bed earlier, so I can get these elusive 8 hours of sleep. Do I force myself to go bed at 10pm every night, only to find myself awake and staring at the ceiling? Do I just hope that this 8 hour rule is a myth and ignore it? Do I drink two glasses of red wine around 9 or so to aid this process (actually I tried that before and it didn't work)? I need guidance by some of you people who hit that 7-8 hour mark.

I never, ever get sick of hearing Mary J. Blige channel her inner Anita Baker in this song...never!

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Miss. Lady said...

Rashad, I feel you on this as I have struggled with sleep issues for years. Do you have a nightly routine like a shower and chamomile tea ( the tea will knock you out) prior to bed?

Usually this works for me unless I am having a very stressful week and in those moment I turn to Ambien. Good Luck.