Monday, August 08, 2011

My train ride into work is about five minutes long, and usually it is quick and painless. This morning, I spent four of out of those five minutes, watching this emotionally unstable lady make faces at me. At first I was about to get angry and say something, then I quickly figured out that she was emotionally disturbed. She stuck her tongue out me, she bugged her eyes out, she tugged at her ears, and she did other juvenile things that caught me completely off guard. Then she made faces like she was going to cry, and started hitting herself in the head. The two or three other people who saw this, did their best to look away and ignore her, but I was way too curious to look away. I almost laughed, but I'm glad I made some attempt to act my age, because it was just sad. Before I got off the train, I went over and told her to have a nice day, and she sanely said, "Thank you, you do the same." Very weird..

Two minutes later as I walked towards my building, I saw this woman who easily weighed about 300 lbs, bending over to tie her shoe. Most people just kneel down to tie their shoes in the middle of the street, so their ass won't be exposed, but not this woman. She was bent straight over, to reveal a black, sheer thong, except the thong was NOT covering what it should have been covering. She stood straight up one time to pull up her pants, but they were clearly too big, because as soon as she bent back over, there was ass (and other things) exposed, and it was disgusting. It wasn't just that was she overweight, because who cares about that..but how can you not feel that warm August air running all up your exposed asscrack and snatch? And why are your pants that loose? I was deeply offended, and I stepped with purpose past her. I can't say the same for the guy in the postal office worker who stopped and try to holler at her..


maxwellsmusze said...

i think you should ride the subway everyday!

Tiffany said...

Lol ou know you liked both of them.

Peace, Love and Chocolate,