Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The wife and I finally chose a daycare for our unborn child, and luckily for us we chose one that won't have us (that) broke. We filled out the application, the money will be sent soon, and young Melvin will officially have a place to do his baby duties while his parents make that money. It is at a church (not Catholic thank God), which makes me think that the level of b.s. will be kept at a minimum, and our child will get the religious values that continue to elude his parents. There were two issues thought

First of all, the head pastor of the church (I'm not linking his name or his picture) looks like Beaker from the Muppet Show. When my wife showed me his picture, I couldn't stop myself from laughing. When I saw him in person this morning, I had to contain my laughter, because I didn't want to jeopardize my son's spot in this wonderful daycare. But this 60-something black man looks just like fact, I may teach my son to make some Beaker sound effects (no I'm not that irresponsible).

Second, while explaining what the infants do during the day, the woman in charge used the word "comfortability" which definitely bothered my English major sensibilities. This won't prevent my son from staying there, because this woman was on top of every detail and every question we asked. Still..comfortability? really? I'd totally use that word in Scrabble, and dare someone to challenge it, but I damn sure wouldn't go out in public and say that...or dramatical for that matter.

And finally, I felt my son move in my wife's stomach for the first time on Monday night, and I am pumped. Soon, I will be ensconced in baby-related matters, and the whole direction of this blog will take a different turn. Not yet though.

When my main man Sabin and I were in college, we used to listen to the song you see posted below, and instead of "whatta bam bam", we'd say "What a bargain!". That's how mature we were/are.


Jamal said...

Just watch the church daycares. I have had Nazir in a few. They actually have more issues than regualar daycare. Just stay on top of them.

Janelle said...

The more you call Mobley - the next generation "Melvin", the more I realize you are actually trying to BLD your way into naming said child Melvin. To your lovely wife, I say FIGHT THE POWER (as I march in Brooklyn in my all black outfit and beret...hahahahhaaa)