Thursday, September 29, 2011

Disclaimer: I usually don't do things like this, but considering i have a lot on my mind, and I've struggled with blogging on a consistent basis, I figured now was the time to do something like this. And if you get mad, thank my blogger friend, the notorious k.i.m. for planting the idea in my head.

Wait one more unborn son received his first gift via mail yesterday. One of my wife's college friends sent us a giant stuffed dog. Our child will be scared of the damn dog or at least two years--that's assuming of course that I don't accidentally maim, destroy and try to do X-rated things to that stuffed animal in the process. What the hell kind of gift is that for an infant anyway? If I wanted my infant child to have a giant gift like that, I'd introduce him to my wife's body pillow.

Anyway..on with the corny portion of the blog:

The A-Z's of Me (Rashad)

A. Age: 36.

B. Bed size: - Queen (although this body pillow is really making the case for a King)

C. Chore that you hate: Cleaning the bathroom. If I take the time to dirty it up, someone should be nice enough to clean it up for me.

D. Dogs: I don't have one, but when that changes, I'll have a black lab retriever

E. Essential start to your day: ESPN and a Venti Soy Green Tea Latte Unsweetened

F. Favorite color: Philadelphia Eagles green

G. Gold or Silver: This is the first dumbass question of the group, and I'm not answering this

H. Height: 5'9" or one inch taller than my brother says he is. Either answer will do.

I. Instruments you play: trumpet. I played from 1984-1991, and then I retired because I made the basketball team as a high school junior and I wanted to be "cool", and I thought the trumpet was holding me back. I was wrong.

J. Job title: Trainer/Analyst/Sportswriter/importer-exporter

K. Kids: A 14 year old son and a baby boy scheduled to arrive on 1/5/12

L. Live: Washington DC

M. Mother’s name: Marilyn

N. Nicknames: One of my boys from high school used to call me Shad Shotty (yes he was straight). My high school basketball coach used to call me "Flash" because I was so quick. Both of these names suck big time ass I know

O. Overnight hospital stays: Only when my wife had surgery

P. Pet peeves: People who feel the need to talk to me in the elevator, people who say "swag" and "whatever" all the time, and jackasses who text and walk into me.

Q. Quote from a movie: From the Departed: Marriage is an important part of getting ahead: lets people know you're not a homo; married guy seems more stable; people see the ring, they think at least somebody can stand the son of a bitch; ladies see the ring, they know immediately you must have some cash or your cock must work.

R. Right or left handed: Left

S. Siblings: My brother Jamal who is three years younger than I am. This is a great time to add that he tried blogging for three months, and then he gave up..

T: Time you wake up: 5:26am

U. Underwear: Boxer briefs Monday-Thursday, Commando Fri-Sun (except if I go to church, then I'm back to briefs..but I've been to church twice in 4 years)

V. Vegetable you hate: Cauliflower. They look like pieces of broccoli who didn't make the cut, and they taste plain no matter how much you season them

W. What makes you run late: trying to get a quickie or a jerk before work

X. X-Rays you’ve had: My back

Y. Yummy food that you make: Salmon and asparagus and pancakes--yes pancakes.

Z. Zoo animal: I'm a big fan animals like birds and squirrels who really don't have to be in the zoo, because they can roll out at any time, but they choose to be among their captured friends. That's character baby.

I promise to never do this again.


Notorious Kim said...

LOL @ promising to never do a meme again. I've been suffering from blogger's block myself so I'm guilty of taking drastic measures. It's all in good fun =)

Sab D said...

Blogger's block is contagious!!! (I'm saying that in the same tone of voice as the old Robin Harris joke when he shouts "the piccalo player is a muthaf----!!) See what blogger's block causes. Oh yeah, great name for the condition - Thanks Kim!

Jazzbrew said...

Z is hilarious. I never thought about that before but yes, that is character.

maxwellsmusze said...

you're an importer AND exporter. impressive mr. vandelay!

Anonymous said...