Tuesday, January 31, 2012

First off, let me thank my main man Sabin for his guest blog appearance on Saturday. My life is boring--well not boring, but much less blog worthy than it has been in the past. Sabin added some much needed life to it. In rap terms, my blog was "Scenario" and Sabin was Busta Rhymes.

So this morning I attempt to swim for the first time since November. The combination of laziness and Nyles being here (more Nyles' fault of course) had me out of action for awhile, although I still magically managed to lose 7lbs during that span thanks to this insane vegan lifestyle I have adopted. Still, I was pretty nervous about getting in the pool, because since I started swimming in February of 2009, I had never gone more than a month without getting in there (the same can be said for my wife). I knew my breathing and stamina would suffer (won't be a problem with the wife), but I also knew I had to start somewhere, so I jumped in and started to swim a mile like I had done before.

After three minutes my chest starting burning like I had swallowed hot sauce and Vicks. Another two minutes elapsed, and I had water in my nose and down my throat, and my breathing was off. 4 minutes later, I got mad because this guy next to me was zooming by me, and when I tried to keep up with him, all the symptoms I listed earlier in this paragraph increased tenfold. Still, I gutted it out for 15 minutes total, and then the fact that I was woefully out of shape was too much to overcome. And of course to make matters worse, the life guard, who is used to seeing me swim a mile, had to open his big mouth:

Him: You're not yourself today huh?
Me: I've been away since November man, my wife and I had a baby
Him: Congrats to you my man, but you didn't actually think you could swim a mile after all that time did you (he chuckled a bit)
Me: Why yes, yes I did
Him (now laughing): Come on man, you gotta put the time back in
Me: That's why I'm here boss..I'll be back tomorrow

On one hand that motivated me to come back tomorrow and return to my mile swimming ways within the next two weeks. On the other hand, I wanted to go over there, let him know what it was and say GFY. I chose the former and walked out. Besides, it is not his fault, and it is not my fault, it is all on Nyles.

Speaking of Nyles..


Jazzbrew said...

Nyles is looking good man!

Your swimming episode sounded like my first day back on the trumpet after Henry was born. Absolutely Fawful. I came out of my practice room and Henry was just smiling at me. I gave him the stinky eye (because it was his fault too) and retreated to my bedroom to sulk.

On the bright side - you're back in the pool and adjusting to your new version of a "normal" life. You'll be back in the swing in no time.

Jai said...

He's such a cutie!!!!!