Thursday, January 05, 2012

It is about 5:45am on a Thursday morning, and usually this is the time that I would be preparing for my morning swim. Instead, I am sitting here wide awake after having fed Nyles and put him back to bed. Right now he's over there smiling in his sleep, and I am cleaning his spit up off of my stomach and sweatpants--fair exchange right? I slept about two and a half hours last night, and I really want to go back to sleep, but if the pattern of the past two days is any indication, he'll be awake in about 20 minutes asking for the rest of his bottle. The night before last, I got about 90 minutes of sleep, and overall, I haven't gotten more than 3 hours since he came home the day after Christmas.

I remember the bouts of insomnia I'd have before Nyles came. Usually I would sit awake for long stretches of time, drag my ass out of my bed the next morning, and eagerly look forward to going to bed early the next night, so I could make up for lost sleep. But with young Nyles in the mix, there is no such thing as making it up the next night. You know how most athletes will tell you they are never really healthy, they just learn to manage the pain? Well my wife and I are managing our fatigue levels with varying degrees of success.

For example, last night while I was writing about the Wizards game, Nyles fell asleep in the car seat. I wanted to leave his ass there all night because he was knocked out, but the wife insisted on moving him to his bed. I tried to argue for the car seat, but she shot me down, I moved him to the bed, and then for the next two hours he was awake, crying and doing what babies do. I was mad at my wife, but I was too tired to be mad the way I really wanted to be, and she was too mad to return the anger, and eventually all three of us were knocked out sleep. This is our life right now.. Nyles, sleep, work for me, staying home watching him for her, and then repeat..and you know what? We are STILL having fun..even without my dear mother-in-law who left yesterday after two weeks.

Shout out to young Nyles who waited until the night before my mother-in-law was supposed to leave before he decided to pee on her.


Tiffany said...

Oh the life of having a newborn.

Peace, Love and Chocolate,

Jazzbrew said...

At his first check up Henry went R-Kelly on the nurse AND the doctor. I never laughed so hard in my life.

Sab D said...

Man, in that pic, Nyles looking like your dad.

Best wishes on the newborn life. You just gotta tough it out. Y'all can do it!!