Thursday, January 12, 2012

This morning at 4:30, my main man Nyles woke up crying out to his parents that he wanted to be fed. His mother started to get up, but I told her to rest, and I got young Nyles out of bed. I changed him, I fed him, he fussed a bit like he wanted more food, but there was no more food readily available (I was too tired to walk to the kitchen) and eventually he calmed down around 5:10-5:15 or so.

From 5:15 until 6am when he finally went back to sleep, young Nyles was alternating between sitting in my lap and laying on my chest,but his eyes were focued on me. He made some faces, he tried to grab my lips and nose, and occasionally he would widen his eyes in a creepy, I-am-possessed-by-the-Poltergeist kind of way, but mostly he just looked at me. I don't believe in baby talk, so I talked to him the way I talk to all adults. I asked him if he wanted to see the Washington Wizards highlights that were on tv behind him, I asked him how that diaper was fitting him, and of course I asked him if the feeding session had been to his liking. He didn't answer, but he didn't cry, so I'd say Daddy is winning right about now.

My wife is with him all day long, and when I come home most of the time he's sleep, sleepy or saddled with a bad case of the crankys. This morning he was perfect, and that private time is making the fact that I got less than 3 hours of sleep, a distant memory. Ok that's a lie, I'm mad at that sh*t even as I'm typing, but I'm happy Nyles and I got to have a productive, one-on-one conversation


Jazzbrew said...

Man - I clearly remember having my first moment like that with Henry. Up till that point when I changed his diaper he just wailed and screamed. One night he didn't cry... he just looked at me and even cracked a smile. Made my month... even though I was tired as hell.

Jamal said...

This post just made my day man. I am smiling thinking about when Nazir and I had those moments when he was a baby. Going into his classroom this morning for parent read day he gave me a similar look. Beautiful man.