Monday, January 16, 2012

Today the wife left out of the house for about an hour, which meant young Nyles and I were here alone for the first time since he arrived 3 weeks ago. When she left he was sound asleep on my shoulder after a 20 minute feeding, but of course once I put him down to sleep, he started kicking, crying and screaming. Thanks little buddy.

First I fed him a little more of the bottle, but during my attempts to burp him, he spit up a little bit, which meant it was time for change of clothes. Since he had yet to have his little ass washed for the day, I decided to give him a full wash--with the diaper off (which is basically target practice for Nyles). Luckily for me, he was completely cooperative, and I was able to wash him up without him going 1 or 2 on me, which was a miracle. He cried, he yelled, he laughed, but ultimately he got clean. I had a rough go of it trying to put on his yellow onesie--in fact I'm pretty sure I smeared his little face with yellow fabric trying to get it over his head, but he made it out alive.

Of course, this led to another round of crying, and since I know he's not hungry (for the bottle at least) and the magic breast of mommy was not coming thru that door anytime soon, I turned to my best friend in these situations: jazz.

So right now as I type, young Nyles is watching me with wideeyes while he listens to Miles Davis play "Four" and all is calm...for now


Jazzbrew said...

Your first solo run and you gave him a bath!? In the words of Darth Vader... most impressive.

No way in hell did I try to give little Henry a bath on my first solo voyage. I basically sat as still as a scared rabbit on the couch until Dana got home.

I'm digging Nyles and his love of jazz. Kudos to his father for bringing him in right!

Anonymous said...