Monday, January 23, 2012

Yesterday marked two milestones in my life, one minor, the other was pretty f**king major. First and foremost, yesterday marked young Nyles' first month birthday. I celebrated the day by trying to get his ass to stay sleep so I could watch:

1)The Wizards/Celtics game at 1pm
2)Ravens/Patriots at 3pm
3)Giants/49ers at 6:30pm

Nyles did his best to fall asleep for 90 minute intervals, which was just long enough for me to think I can could get into the game, before being abruptly interrupted. Thankfully his mother and I took turns picking him up and changing him. Despite the minor inconvenience, I appreciate the little man being around for a month, and as usual the good far outweighs the fatigue/inconvenience.

The second milestone I celebrated yesterday was one month of Vegetarianism. The night before my son was born, I decided to abandon chicken and fish (I already ate beef and pork sporadically at best) and just go strictly vegetarian. I had contemplated it during November when I gave up meat for two weeks, but I didn't think I was disciplined enough to go through it. This time around I gave myself a month to see how if I could pull it off, and so far so good. Yes I miss Chik-fil-A and the occasional mini-burger binge, but I'm hanging in there and feel great.

My father gave up beef and pork when I was born, and 10 years later not only was he going strong, but he decided to rid himself of chicken too. At 61 he's a pescetarian, and he looks and feels great, so I'm open to incorporating fish back in my life at some point. Of course tomorrow, this could all come undone, and I could be caught going on a KFC binge.

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Jazzbrew said...

My lady has been on me to go vegetarian but I can't do it. She's actually vegan. I am however like your father seriously considering becoming pescetarian. I love fish and skrimps WAY too much.

I did the vegan thing for a month and it was hard. I celebrated my one month mark by chowing down on a bucket of chicken the following day...